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Happylegs-Seated Walking Machine Blue
Happylegs-Seated Walking Machine Blue

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Happylegs-Seated Walking Machine Blue


Have you ever considered just how important good blood circulation is?

If you are eligible you can receive this item ex-VAT, making it just £286.67! please fill out the VAT exemption form at the bottom and email it to once this is received you will be refunded the VAT.

Welcome to the Award winning Happy Legs electric walking machine. Happy Legs has variable speeds whilst still having a very quiet motor, so it can be used whilst watching TV or sitting at the table. Happy Legs takes you for a walk from the comfort of your own chair.

Happylegs is an award winning product

Happylegs can deliver the promises made


·         Only Happylegs is endorsed by cardiologists and vascular surgeons

·         Only Happylegs is certified safe for use by people with pacemakers

·         Only Happylegs has a quiet motor and 3 speed settings

·         Happylegs comes with a 2 year warranty

·         Only Happylegs is endorsed by the FSPVD

·         Only Happylegs uses the special patented system of leg movement

·         Happylegs is independently certified to comply with EU standards

·         Happylegs in made in the EU


Get happy legs with Happylegs – the seated walking machine





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Home  >  Product Range  >  Assisted Daily Living Aids  >  HappyLegs  >  HappyLegs
Happylegs-Seated Walking Machine Blue
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