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 Nowadays we experience a lot of background noise that can soon become an irritation. That is exactly why we have created Happy Ears earplugs to fulfil the needs of today,  without foregoing comfort, design and, first and foremost, function. 

Happy Ears are earplugs that are suitable for all individuals who spend time in places where noise-levels can be disturbing.


Happy Ears are an improvement upon the high-quality earplugs already available today. Their unique construction combines excellent noise-reduction and sound-reproduction. Ordinary earplugs tend to muffle both lower and higher frequencies which can lead to a tinny, muddy sound. Happy Ears, on the other hand, give an average noise-reduction of around 20 dB at ALL frequencies. This means that the earplugs protect the ears from harmful noises as well as retaining sound quality and feeling. Happy Ears are designed, produced and packaged in Sweden.


Clear sound quality - As well as the earplugs blocking the ear canal, the firm “foot” means that the sound reaching the ear is both clear and crisp. The unique construction means that while volume is reduced, sound quality is preserved. 

Construction - The unique construction – with a hardened “foot” at one end and a soft “leg” at the other – helps to preserve sound-quality whilst providing high levels of protection and comfort. Happy Ears are made from ABS in the core and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) on the outer surface. All materials used in the production of Happy Ears are medically approved.


 Protection - When the earplug’s soft hat is placed in the outer ear, it automatically moulds itself according to the shape of the ear, becoming almost round. The soft material then tries to return to its original oval state and it is this which creates pressure against the outer ear canal. This pressure means that the Happy Ears earplug fits securely, thus preventing sound from reaching the eardrum.

Comfort - Happy Ears are easy to use. They are easily placed in the ear canal with one hand. Other earplugs on the market have to be formed by the user so that they will fit properly in the ear. Not only can this be inconvenient, it can also lead to dirt and bacteria from hands making their way into the ear. Happy Ears user-friendly and hygienic construction conveniently bypasses these problems. They are specially-designed so that they will stay in your ear whilst you are sleeping and they are completely silent whilst placed in your ear. The choice of materials means that the earplug is silent when it becomes compressed.

Environmentally friendly - Happy Ears contribute to sustainable development as they are reusable and can be washed in a dishwasher.

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